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Conscious Wholesaling


Gain the distinction of being a retailer of high quality, nutrient-dense chocolate that is free from

common food allergens, as well as being socially and environmentally conscious. We work with

cooperatives and companies committed to human well-being and environmentally sustainable

practices. These values extend into our 100% compostable package.

Viva Cacao! infuses taste, nutrition, and conscious business practices together, into our unique

and flavorful chocolate recipes that we make available for wholesale.

We sell to stores, groceries, café’s, eateries, gift shops, and any other establishments that desire

to carry our high-quality chocolate products. With delivery across Canada, we look forward to

finding partners who share our passion for providing nutritional, allergen-aware, conscious



Why Viva Cacao?


❤ Capture the health-oriented individuals seeking chocolate that is free from common allergens

who are looking to purchase socially and environmentally conscious chocolate products. The

fact is that people are looking at labels and while there are a number of fair trade chocolate

brands out there, we are that and so much more!

❤ All of our recipes are free from dairy, soy, gluten and refined sugar. We include superfoods

like reishi mushroom, maca root, camu camu and powerful herbs into the mix to create unique

and flavorful combinations, as well as increase nutrition and support for mental and physical

function. All of these benefits are wrapped up in a completely compostable package!

❤ Offer people a brand they can confidently purchase, knowing they are making a healthy,

social and environmentally conscious choice. People love to share and gift chocolate, and this

is a chocolate product they can feel good about.

❤ Offer a plastic-free option.  Today’s consumer is becoming more and more conscious about

the impact we are having on the planet and are looking for ways to limit their footprint.  Let

them see that you share their values by offering eco-friendly products that are making a



We currently offer 10 flavor combinations with many ideas in the works for more products. To

learn more please contact us.


Choose Viva Cacao! – tasty, healthy AND ethical!


Reviews from customers:

I’ve never enjoyed a treat so much in my entire life! I swear this chocolate is life-changing. I’m not really a present person, I love to give cards with personal notes but I’ve started giving out these bars. I just love everything about them from their packaging to the ingredients, the experience and the story behind them. You have created such a lovely gift ❤️.  I’ve never written someone to thank them for making such an amazing product but I couldn’t hold back. The best!!
Viva cacao ?❤
Pamela Jensen